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A poker table ready for the game to start.

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With professional staff acting as croupiers, our Fun Casino nights provide great entertainment for you and your guests.

The choice of tables includes:

Our Fun Casino evenings are a great addition to any corporate event, Christmas party, summer ball or fundraising event. Our times are flexible and our table(s) will be set and ready for playing on before any guests have arrived. Our tables have been specially designed to be easily transported, enabling us to fit into any sized room or private house party.

Our casinos operate to a maximum three hour session at the time and day of your choice. We will start and finish as instructed. Please allow 15 minutes for calculating chip totals and presentation of prizes. However, extended sessions can be arranged by mutual agreement.

How Fun Casinos Work:

Each guest is given an agreed amount of Fun Money which they can exchange for chips at a table of their choice (e.g. Roulette / Black Jack / Poker) to test their skill and try their hand with lady luck. All the rules will be explained by the croupier, then let the games begin! At the end of the event all the chips are counted to discover who has been the most successful and the lucky winners are declared. Many optional prizes can be awarded such as a bottle of champagne, wine, etc.

The better the prizes the more interesting the event. Win or Lose there is no doubt that Fun Casinos create an exciting setting for the players giving them all the ambience of Monte Carlo without breaking the bank!

Fundraising Events:

A great way to make money for a needy cause! As always, the more preparation and early advertising, the more successful and profitable the event will be. First of all you will need to sell tickets (to cover the costs of the Fun Casino night, food, and the prizes) then the guests have to buy their fun money to play (this would be administered by the hirer). Players can buy in as many times as they wish with all proceeds going to the charity. Why not make it a Black Tie affair with sponsored prizes from local big companies? Don't forget — the better the prizes the more the guests will be trying to win.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many tables?

This is not an easy question to answer, as it depends on what else is happening at your event or party. Based on previous experience, we recommend two tables per 40-50 guests, remembering that not everyone will want to play and not everyone will play for the whole event. The actual number of players on a Roulette table at any one time is 7 and on a BlackJack table there are either 7 or 9 betting places, but double betting can take this up to 14 or 18 at a very busy event. If you are unsure of numbers, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

How much does it cost?

We pride ourselves in offering very competitve prices depending on the number of tables needed for an event and where you are, plus any extras (e.g. personalised Fun Money). Either e-mail Send e-mail to or call us for an instant quote. [ View our current Price List ]

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Our Roulette wheel and table.

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American Roulette:

This is a game for any gambler with simple betting patterns and odds.

For those unfamiliar with the rules of Roulette, the pace of the game will be well suited to you. Betting on a single number pays the odds of 35:1, on two numbers it's 17:1, on three numbers it's 11:1 and so on down to even money for black/red, odds and evens.

Go on, give Roulette a go, the excitement of your bet is determined by the spin of the full-sized wheel.

A game of BlackJack in progress.

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Very similar to the popular game of Pontoon or 21, this game is suited to both new and experienced players alike.

All players bet against the dealer, not each other, and all cards are turned face up as play continues. Only the dealer has one card face down, which is only turned over once all players' hands have been completed.

If your hand is better than the dealer's - YOU WIN! A simple game to play, but you need nerves of steel!

Ready for a game of Poker?

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5-Card Carribbean Stud Poker is the same as 5 card stud poker, but this version was developed for the Caribbean cruise ships.

All players bet on their hand against the dealer and not the other players on the table. Winning hands are paid out up to as high as 200:1 for a Royal Flush and as low as 2:1 for a Pair.